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We serve numerous SEN schools and understand that every school is as unique as every one of its students.

The IT needs of SEN schools can be very complex and challenging, but today’s exciting times have brought us new, innovative technologies that will give children with specialist needs greater freedom to learn and succeed.

The flexibility provided by our Lightspeed System’s web filtering means that teachers have complete control and visibility over sites being accessed – a necessity in environments where there are children and young adults with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD). iPads have given children with physical and sensory difficulties new ways of interacting with learning tools and children who are taught in a hospital or care environment can really benefit from Lightspeed System’s My Big Campus.

Click here to read our report from Louise Tickle about how SEN schools are utilising tablets to aid learning.

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Merefield School provides education to pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties.

Merefield School

“At the end of our previous contract we decided to look for a new broadband provider. The previous provision had poorly configured filtering, poor customer service and was capped at a speed that was no longer adequate for our needs.

As an SEN school, there are two key things for us; network speed and filtering. Our children get very frustrated when they perform a task correctly but don’t get positive feedback because the webpage is updating too slowly. This undermines their confidence, heightens anxiety and holds back their learning.

Our new connection with Schools Broadband is 3 times as fast, meaning that even at busy times there is little lag whilst using the web. Its easy-to-configure filtering options allow me to quickly add pages to our white list so lessons are not held up if a safe, valid link is being blocked. There’s also the bonus of mobile device management to help with managing our iPad resource.

Our new service actually costs half of what the previous provider were charging, which means the money saved can be put towards other valuable IT tools and resources to aid learning”

Peter Elston

IT Manager

Merefield School, Southport


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